Saving money is the biggest task and is the most difficult one. No matter how better we understand the need to save cash, but we always end up spending our money ruthlessly. Nothing seems more important than becoming more conscious about the nature and become eco friendly with time. With temperature rising, every day a new natural disaster and the continuous debates on economical issue, it is an alarming situation. The graph of natural disasters is rising exponentially causing more calamities than ever. Though it is not possible for one person to change the climatic condition but small efforts from every individual’s end make a change on great level. Working towards being eco-friendly not just benefits the environment but also your pockets. It helps you save some cash too.

Green Earth

Some ways to cut down the expenses in save in an eco-friendly manner are:

Dry your clothes on the ropes instead of washing machine:

It takes a lot of energy and electricity while drying clothes in the washing machine. One can easily conserve energy and electricity by instead of drying clothes in washing machine, hang them on a rope to dry under sun. Many researchers have found that clothes drying by a dryer damages the clothes and shortens their life by destroying their fabric and softness of a cloth. This not only saves energy but also saves you from heavy electricity bill. If drying on the ropes somehow seems difficult to you, you can also opt for drying rack which is very reliable and takes very minimal space. This is a step towards being eco-friendly and saving your cash simultaneously.

Cloth in rope

Use strips with on and off buttons:

According to American research centre keeping plus on with adapter plugged in even when the appliance is not in use sucks a lot of energy. This adds on to the electricity bill up to ten percent more than we actually consume. It also is harmful for the appliance. Considered as electricity vampire, one must avoid keeping the switch on. It seems like a task to keep roaming around all over to switch off useless plug, instead it is feasible to use a strip board with one power button that switches off all connected appliances all together. This not just saves energy but also your money.

Power Saving

Buy reusable water bottle:

It seems disappointing that even after being such an easy task to do, people are still using plastic bottles instead of reusable ones. It takes a lot of energy and resources to produce a plastic bottle, like barrels of oil and even after spending so many resources, it is ruining our own environment. It has been on paper, press and everywhere how dangerous plastic is becoming for oceans and sea animals. It is killing the life under water. The best and easiest way to act towards the environment is by switching a plastic bottle to reusable bottle. It saves a lot of money and is the best way to initiate your bid towards the environment.